Best Antivirus Software With ID Protection

We’ll start off this post with free antivirus software and work our way to the more expensive ID protection options.


I’ve personally been using AVG for years. AVG has a completely free version, and a paid version available at $53.99. The free version comes with basic identity protection, however the paid version furthers protection from identity threats. AVG Internet Security 2013 provides alerts when an attempt to access personal data on your computer is made, and alerts you of websites which may be fraudulent or not properly encrypted.


Avast has many interesting and useful features for more advanced users such as sanbox mode, unfortunately the free version does not give you any extra protection against identity threats. The paid version is available at $59.99 for a year.


Bitdefender also has a free version available which protects you against identity threats like phishing scams and third party access to your personal details. Paid versions are available for Bitdefender, however the free version should be enough to protect you from these threats.

Identity Guard

We absolutely recommend this product simply because it solves more than one problem. Identity Guard provides you with desktop and mobile protection software tailored towards protecting your ID. A $14.99/mo subscription provides you with ZoneAlarm®Internet Security Suite and PrivacyProtect® encryption software. If all else fails, $1 million is provided in identity theft reimbursement insurance. You can try their trial free for 30 days.