LifeLock Review 2020

Did you know that over nine million people fall victim to identity theft? This LifeLock review will show you if they are any good and what they offer. Just what it is exactly? Simply put, Identity Theft involves any action by someone else that makes use of your personal info for their own purpose – in most cases, largely to commit fraudulent deeds.

With the aid of today’s super high technology, scoundrels don’t even need to pick your pocket or steal your wallet to get the information they wish to use. The convenience of making purchases, working, or doing any stuff on the Internet certainly comes with a price; making your identity vulnerable to Internet thieves just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting online surfers. Without even realizing it, you put yourself at risk each time you log on and cruise along the information highway. Unscrupulous rouges prey on those that don’t take precaution or exert any effort to get protection from becoming a cyber victim.

How Identity Theft Happens

It’s quite frightening how it is becoming easier for identity thieves to lay hands on your personal information. There are a number of ways identity can be stolen; just think about it…rascals can easily call you or send text messages impersonating someone from a company, establishment or organization; purportedly to do an interview or survey to gain access to your personal data, for instance. A lot of these thieves are using more advanced methods as well.

Listed below are more tactics that are being used to steal your identity information.

  • Unless the person is an environmentalist, dumpster diving may not be always as innocent-looking as merely collecting recyclable materials; there may be a lot of your “recyclable” information there that identity thieves would find very useful.
  • ATM overlays and handheld skimmers are known to be capable of stealing thousands of identities on a per day basis.
  • Anybody using a computer in public (and those who use public computers, too) may become an identity theft victim through the use of recorders and cameras in the vicinity.
  • Sharing files on peer to peer sites also jeopardize computers for theft.
  • Beware of strangers sending emails and messages in social networking sites with “irresistible” offers that require providing bank statements and other personal data.
  • There are computer programs that can shortlist and eventually guess your Social Security Number.
  • Time to Strengthen Your Identity Theft Protection – Who Are You Going to Call?
  • Identity theft offenders undoubtedly leave exasperating (and more often than not, devastating) mess in their trail – whether it be financial loss, issues with police and other authorities, or dreadful credit impairment. Now that you’re aware of how identity theft can happen to anybody, you need to start protecting your identity.
  • There’s an enormous number of identity theft protection companies across the globe with some of the most awesome packages being offered; but we dare say, what you need is a company that’s pro-active – an identity theft protection provider that not only safeguards you from the dastardly act of stealing your personal information but can also take crucial action if your identity ever got stolen in actuality. Lucky for you, one such company does exist and it’s called LifeLock.

Originally founded and headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, LifeLock has been in operation since 2005 and has now become one of the renowned leaders in the identity theft protection industry. Backed by Bessemer Venture Partner – one of the foremost capital firms in the world – LifeLock provides premium quality services to millions of customers across the United States, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. LifeLock has proven its credibility by staying on top of the list of trustworthy identity theft protection companies over the years; notwithstanding the stiff competition from several rival companies that vie for the same position.

Being a frontrunner in the industry, LifeLock offers protection to individuals and businesses alike. When it comes to identity theft, there are no borders to the harm that the crooks can do. It is as important to protect the family from online threats as it is vital to keep the integrity of a business. Customer databases and the company’s finances are absolutely protected, especially where electronic financial transactions are involved.

Excellent Packages are Available

Lifelock offers comprehensive packages that use an advanced monitoring system to give everyone peace of mind and equanimity, knowing they are protected from cybercrimes. LifeLock provides non-stop protection to its customers 24/7/365. Crime does not take a holiday, and working on this principle, neither does LifeLock; you are assured that it never sleeps on the job.

LifeLock continuously scan for threats to instantly respond at the first sign of potential identity theft by monitoring activities that occur in the three major credit bureaus, tracking your credit score and reducing pre-approved credit offers (most of the time, pre-approved credits provide the occasion to obtain information that may lead to fraud), among the many measures it undertakes. This reduces the chance of becoming an identity theft victim to almost nil.

An identity theft protection specialist is assigned to each user to immediately call banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions to request for cancelation any transactions should your card be lost or stolen. Here’s the good news…unlike other companies with similar services being offered but don’t really give a hoot, LifeLock will never leave you on your own to restore your identity, in the event of identity theft. With LifeLock’s complete restoration program, they do the bulk of the work in replacing lost debit/credit cards, documents, Social Security Card, driver’s license, traveler’s checks, checkbooks and even insurance cards – at no extra cost, mind you; this service is absolutely free!

Besides Bessmer Venture Partners, Lifelock’s strategic financial partnerships with other prominent firms such as Goldman Sachs, Inc. and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, further proves its trustworthiness and reliability, making it the undisputed leader in the identity theft protection industry. Along with this high status, LifeLock has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards, namely: The Red Herring 200’s Top 200 Most Innovative and Promising Private Firms Award; and the American Business Awards for Best New Product and Service.

Bottom Line

The threat of identity theft is not something that you can dismiss off as a negligible matter; it is for real. It has already devastated the lives of far too many individuals and businesses and cost the economy around $50 billion a year in losses. Don’t wait till you get hit by some scoundrel or be the target of organized identity theft rings to rob you clean of your hard-earned bucks and your family’s future. Get started with LifeLock to protect your family and/or business – NOW! Get a full, all-inclusive and extensive description of LifeLock’s tons of services and magnificent features – including the fantastic and famous LifeLock guarantee.