Identity Force Review 2020

Identity Force is a complete proactive solution to keep your identity protected from misuse. Identity Force boasts many more features than its competitors and focuses an exponentially larger amount of their time on proactively stopping identity theft from occurring. Their service comes at a premium of $17.95 a month with no trial provided. This pricing is justified by their reputation as a protector used even by top U.S. government agencies.


As standard with identity theft protection services Identity Force will monitor use of your identity in credit reports, third party resources, and public records. It is claimed that in addition to your identity being monitored, SSN monitoring, credit card monitoring, credit reports from three bureaus, and scores are provided.


As stated Identity Force is primarily a proactive prevention service for your identity. You will receive instant alerts when your identity is tied to anything suspicious. You will automatically have your information deleted from public databases and proactive removal of your information from pre-approved credit offers is built in to the Identity Force service. Their trademarked Red Alert™ service is provided when your identity is determined to be stolen, you will then began to recovery process.


Should your wallet become lost or stolen you can instantly freeze the account to prevent your funds from being spent by an identity thief. Resources are available to educate you of the steps required on your behalf to recover from identity theft such as sample letters. Experts are also made available to support you in identifying and recovering from identity theft. If needed their experts will be provided to clear up the damage caused by an identity thief. Furthermore, reimbursement insurance of up to $1 million dollars is provided for incurred losses as a result of identity theft.


Finally an identity theft service fit for the U.S. government is made available to individuals and families. You can sign up to Identity Force now and receive your IDF Identity Score™, a score system to give you an estimate of your vulnerability to identity theft.