Identity Guard Review 2020

Identity Guard is an all in one identity protection service which includes their generous $1 million dollar identity theft insurance coverage. It is a one plan fits all solution for you and your family’s protection. There are a number of individual services included which prevent your identity from being misused. We’re giving you an in-depth review of the Identity Guard program so you can decide whether or not their plan is a good match for you.


Identity Guard claims to constantly monitor your credit and public records by pulling the data from their sources and matching it against the information you give them. By monitoring the use of your identity, they can easily prompt you when misuse of your identity is discovered and get to work on the recovery process. You can receive their prompts with the online control panel or from your mobile devices.


Identity Guard protects your identity by including free computer protection and encryption software. ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite is a full computer protection suite that works to stop computer viruses and intruders from gaining access to your private information. Their encryption program, PrivacyProtect® is a keystroke encryption program that will stop malicious keylogging programs from recording your passwords and other sensitive information entered with your keyboard. Furthermore, ID Vault® will allow you to lock all passwords and order details with one easy to remember the password so you can use a more complex password for your important online accounts.


As mentioned, Identity Guard provides a $1 million dollar insurance policy which is rather standard in the identity theft insurance industry. Their reimbursement insurance guarantee covers expenses incurred from repairing your identity after it has been compromised. Also included is a recovery service for lost or stolen wallets. Identity Guard claims they will help you cancel the financial cards and access up to $2,000. Perhaps most reassuring is their ITAC Victim Assistance® hotline with experts available to assist you in recovering your identity.