Identity Guard VS Identity Force

Identity Guard is a well-respected industry leader in the identity theft protection industry, Identity Force works with the U.S.A government agencies to provide military-grade protection. Both of these companies have been famous for a long time and have many customers, especially in the US, but which one is best suited for you? Both companies have different plans but for basic, they provide protection plans for individuals or families.


Both Identity Guard and Identity Force provide monitoring services and credit reports. Identity Force provides credit reports and scores from three bureaus and monitors any use of your identity for immediate alert. The regular Identity Guard package only provides credit reports and scores from one bureau, but the Platinum and Platinum+ packages provide reports and scores from all three bureaus.


Identity Guard comes with a variety of proprietary software which protects against malware and encrypts your keystrokes so they cannot be recorded by a keyloggers to steal your personal information. No software is provided with Identity Force, however the service will proactively remove your personal information from public and private records and monitor markets which sell your identity. The Identity Force Red Alertâ„¢ system provides instant alerts of identity theft.


Both companies provide card cancellation assistance when your wallet is lost or stolen and provide identity theft reimbursement insurance of up to $1 million dollars. Identity Guard will help you access up to $2,000 when your credit is frozen, a very useful service in emergency situations. Both companies provide access to recovery resources and 24/7 support from credit experts.

Without a doubt Identity Guard is a more valuable service with a more realistic approach at preventing identity theft with antivirus software. Identity Force is close contender and does have some benefits however Identity Guard provides a more complete service at a better price. Most importantly, a free trial is available and you can start preventing identity theft right now, for free.