Identity Guard VS LifeLock, Which One is Better ??

Identity Guard and LifeLock are two of the most prominent identity theft protection services available. Both companies have a major stake in the identity protection arena. We will be comparing them to see which heavyweight has the best value for your money. In our standard fashion, we will be comparing monitoring, protection, and recovery.


Identity Guard includes a comprehensive monitoring system that provides a prompt when suspicious activity is detected. Public records are also monitored for your personal information and alerts are provided via mobile phone or your dashboard. LifeLock takes it upon themselves to proactively remove your personal information from public records and opt-out of preapproved credit offers, with credit monitoring provided in a similar fashion to Identity Guard.


Identity Guard provides a plethora of computer protection software to protect against intruders and encrypt keystrokes against prying eyes. Identity Guard has its own proprietary software which works very well for all computer threats. LifeLock takes a more proactive approach to protection by scanning the web for uses of your identity and taking actions, no proprietary software is provided.


Identity Guard calls their victim recovery service ITAC Victim AssistanceĀ®, this service is a 24/7 resource with credit experts at your disposal. LifeLock provides immediate alerts when changes are detected with your account. Also provided is access to expert resources and recovery assistance when your wallet is lost or stolen. Both service include $1 million dollars in identity theft protection.

Identity Guard offers their full services at $14.99/mo and LifeLockā€™s Ultimate plan is available at $25/mo. Because of the steep difference in price and a trial provided by Identity Guard we recommend giving their trial a try.