How to Bring Speed to Your Internet Security? 5 Easy DIY Steps to Speed Up Internet Security Software

Your Internet Security

Apart from playing the friendly role of protecting your computer from all types of viruses and malware, sometimes internet security software plays another role, and that is of slowing down your computer. So what to do at those moments? How to speed up internet security software?

Do you need to pay to the professionals out there to fuel its speed? Well, all I would say is ‘RELAX’. There are some easy but effective DIY steps by which you can increase its speed, without spending a single cent on the professionals!

Disable All Unnecessary Protection Features

Every internet security does come with some protection features. Undeniably, these protection features are appreciable, but at the same time that they often slow down the security software.

Again, it is completely upon you to decide which protection feature to disable. For instance, if your PC is for office use or personal use only, and not for home use, then you can easily disable the parental control features.

There are several such security features that are not so important or they are used only for some particular or special purposes. It is wise to disable those unnecessary security features and this will help you to speed up the software, and finally your computer.

Uninstalling Unused Software on Your Computer

Now, this is the second way that you can think of. Well, here the reason is quite logical and in some extent straight forward.

If you uninstall software that is unused, then obviously your disk will be free from clutters, at least there will be a reduction in the disk clutter. And all these finally lead to faster system scans.

Search for Tools That Help To Increase Speed of the Software

Some security software brands offer certain tools that are to increase the speed of the software.

A nice example of such features is ‘optimize’ from Norton Internet Security. So check if your security software comes with such tools.

Defragging Hard Disk

Defragmentation of the hard disk is a proven method to increase the speed of internet security software. When you will defrag your hard disk it would help to improve the scanning process.

However, you should keep in mind that the method of defragmentation is effective more on disks that are older than the disks that are newer.

Reduce the Level of Heuristic Scanning From ‘High’ To ‘Medium’

You can reduce the level of heuristic scanning from its higher to medium. It will help the software to speed up.

There is a solid logic behind this. When the level of scanning is higher the software scans thoroughly, but when you will reduce the level the software will not perform its scanning process in a thorough and time-taking way. And hence it will speed up.