Things to Consider When Choosing a VPN

A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, can be a very useful tool when you are browsing the internet. Due to heightened awareness about the need to keep personal information and data safe online, their popularity has increased exponentially in the past few years. Through the use of a VPN, your internet activity is encrypted, protecting it from hijackers or snoopers. Aside from data security, there is a wide range of reasons why people use VPNs – it may be to securely access internal intranets for work or school, to be able to watch television shows when you are abroad or to avoid internet censorship. Whatever your reason for using one, you may find that there are a huge number of different VPN providers and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

Reliability & Speed

One of the key aspects of a VPN that you should consider is how reliable the service is. You don’t want to end up with a VPN service that cuts out constantly or is down most of the time because you didn’t do your research. Make sure to read reviews, especially reviews from trusted technology blogs or websites, as this can give you a good idea of how good a service is.

You should also think about how important the speed of your VPN connection is. Although the speed of a VPN service is related to the speed of your internet provided by your ISP, it can also be influenced by other factors. The connection speed can be affected by the server location of the VPN service, the closer your proximity to the server – the faster your connection.

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How to Bring Speed to Your Internet Security? 5 Easy DIY Steps to Speed Up Internet Security Software

Your Internet Security

Apart from playing the friendly role of protecting your computer from all types of viruses and malware, sometimes internet security software plays another role, and that is of slowing down your computer. So what to do at those moments? How to speed up internet security software?

Do you need to pay to the professionals out there to fuel its speed? Well, all I would say is ‘RELAX’. There are some easy but effective DIY steps by which you can increase its speed, without spending a single cent on the professionals!

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MyWebSearch and Other Spyware and Toolbars

How does spyware get into your computer?

Over the years I have fixed literally hundreds of computers and I usually find that their homepages have been replaced by MyWebSearch or other search engines, or that a number of useless toolbars have been embedded into their browsers. But where does this kind of spyware come from?

Most of the time, spyware gets into your computer whenever you download and install free games or other free programs. When downloading any free software (even Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader) be sure to read all of the pages and prompts carefully. Most often you will see something else “pre-checked” to be installed into your browser automatically. Unless you specifically “un-check” the box that wants to install the excess software, it will install along with the actual software that you wanted. Overall, it’s very sneaky and subtle, and you may miss it if you install things in a hurry.

This hub describes a number of well-known spyware sources that I have encountered while cleaning up people’s computers, make note of them and beware!

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How To Remove Bloodhound Exploit 196?

What is the Bloodhound Exploit 196? If you search McAfee, you will see that it is not even one of the top tracked viruses by them, but on the Internet, you will notice that a lot of users are getting frustrated by the 196. It is a persistent virus that is able to survive the deletion by antivirus software. You can still easily remove it like any other computer viruses but you just have to delete all traces of it at one go. The survivor tactics by the Bloodhound.Exploit.196 is neither new nor innovative, it has been used by many other viruses but it continues to fool computer users to this day.

The Bloodhound.Exploit.196 is a heuristic detection for files attempting to exploit the Adobe Acrobat and Reader Multiple Arbitrary Code Execution and Security Vulnerabilities (BID 27641) or the Adobe Acrobat and Reader Collab ‘getIcon()’ JavaScript Method Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (BID 34169). This information is from Symantec if you would like to read more.

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How To Remove Google Redirect Virus?

Remove Google redirect virus was foremost on my mind the other day when my computer was infected by this virus. It was changing all the search results whenever I search for anything on google to malicious sites and it had been opening pop-ups to unrelated sites. It is extremely frustrating, to say the least and the google redirect virus makes it almost impossible to use the Internet.

Removing the Google Redirect virus can be quite frustrating. Most antivirus protection cannot detect the google redirect and it keeps changing your search results, making it impossible to research methods for removal. Try searching for “google redirect removal” and you will still see malicious websites in the search results. You may also get error messages such as “DCOM server protocol launcher server terminated”. You are probably using another computer right now to find the solution to solve your problem.

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AVG Virus Protection : One of the Best Free Antivirus Software

The best antivirus software is available on different reviews especially on the internet. The AVG virus protections enjoy a favourable rating on most online review and antivirus related forums. Some of the factors used in deciding the best antivirus software in forums and review websites include; relative ease or difficulty of usage, ability to update without slowing down your computer significantly, ability to detect virus and malware attacks immediately, ability to maximize its firewall, ability to remove malwares and viruses permanently and the number of antivirus accessories that accompany the antivirus software.

Free Anti Virus Software

It is difficult to declare a particular antivirus as the best antivirus software because they all have their pros and cons; it depends on the relative friendliness and effectiveness of the antivirus software for different operating systems. There are several tips that can actually help all computer users determine the best antivirus system for their computers; first and foremost, you can consider any free antivirus especially if you rarely connect your computer to the internet.

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Free Antivirus Software Download For AVG Virus Protection

AVG virus protection download is the most trusted antivirus download on the internet today. The free antivirus download is available on the official website of AVG antivirus. The free antivirus download is compatible with Windows 2000 to Windows 2007 and Windows XP as well as Windows Vista, 7 and the latest Windows 10. The AVG virus protection free download is a home edition free antivirus download that comes with full security features that are capable of protecting your computer from spyware, malware, Trojans, and viruses.

Though there are several websites which offer free antivirus download, however, it has been discovered that these websites are nothing but scams, though they allow you download the AVG virus protection for free but some of the real security features such as Firewall, anti-spyware and anti-spyware may be missing, therefore your computer will not be fully protected. The most ideal way of getting a free antivirus download is to visit the official website and check the various antivirus extra security features to ensure that you are downloading the full package.

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How To Get Rid Of A Virus. And Protect Your System From Malwares

Using a computer nowadays exposes you to a lot of possible hazards and risks from the online world. There are a lot of different Trojans, viruses, malwares that are created daily, with the intention to either create chaos in your computer, take over your computer or steal information from you. We could either deal with it by switching off our computer system, cutting all connections to the Internet or we could just manage the risks by adopting some safe practices that can protect us and help us to avoid the threats in the first place.

Of course, turning off our computer or cutting off our connection is unthinkable for many of us. We live and breathe off our computer and need it for our work, entertainment and just simply for the sake of it. Although that would have been the easier approach towards eliminating risk from the online world, the downside of not being able to surf the web, download stuffs and even using facebook is not actually what we dream off when we first thought of the potential risks from the Internet.

To enjoy a less risky environment when we connect to the Internet, there are some simple guidelines that we should stick to. First of all, we should always ensure that we have antivirus firewall software installed on our computers. This is the most basic step that anyone should take, even if you really like to throw caution to the wind, I would still say that you should install an antivirus firewall software so that you would not have to deal with the hassle of reinstalling your entire system when it crashes due to a Trojan that you accidentally brought home during one of your trips to the latest torrent sites. At the very least, an antivirus protection will reduce the pain when your system is infected by viruses or malware.

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Identity Guard VS Identity Force

Identity Guard is a well-respected industry leader in the identity theft protection industry, Identity Force works with the U.S.A government agencies to provide military-grade protection. Both of these companies have been famous for a long time and have many customers, especially in the US, but which one is best suited for you? Both companies have different plans but for basic, they provide protection plans for individuals or families.


Both Identity Guard and Identity Force provide monitoring services and credit reports. Identity Force provides credit reports and scores from three bureaus and monitors any use of your identity for immediate alert. The regular Identity Guard package only provides credit reports and scores from one bureau, but the Platinum and Platinum+ packages provide reports and scores from all three bureaus.


Identity Guard comes with a variety of proprietary software which protects against malware and encrypts your keystrokes so they cannot be recorded by a keyloggers to steal your personal information. No software is provided with Identity Force, however the service will proactively remove your personal information from public and private records and monitor markets which sell your identity. The Identity Force Red Alert™ system provides instant alerts of identity theft.

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Identity Guard VS LifeLock, Which One is Better ??

Identity Guard and LifeLock are two of the most prominent identity theft protection services available. Both companies have a major stake in the identity protection arena. We will be comparing them to see which heavyweight has the best value for your money. In our standard fashion, we will be comparing monitoring, protection, and recovery.


Identity Guard includes a comprehensive monitoring system that provides a prompt when suspicious activity is detected. Public records are also monitored for your personal information and alerts are provided via mobile phone or your dashboard. LifeLock takes it upon themselves to proactively remove your personal information from public records and opt-out of preapproved credit offers, with credit monitoring provided in a similar fashion to Identity Guard.


Identity Guard provides a plethora of computer protection software to protect against intruders and encrypt keystrokes against prying eyes. Identity Guard has its own proprietary software which works very well for all computer threats. LifeLock takes a more proactive approach to protection by scanning the web for uses of your identity and taking actions, no proprietary software is provided.

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