About Us

Data breaches and identity theft have exploded in 2014 and 2015 as a mainstream threat to anyone’s private information regardless of age, income, race, or gender – identity thieves don’t discriminate. Because of this relatively new surge in information security and financial risk, an immediate need for protection has driven a flooded market of identity theft protection providers.

Our team at Identity Theft Protection Bureau (ITPB) has extensive experience in the identity theft industry and are experts in information security. At ITPB we bring this experience and expertise to you by reviewing providers of identity theft protection and grading each company through our exclusive ITPB Rating System. We also know that the opinions and experiences of your peers carries significant weight in your decision making process, so we’ve incorporated a consumer feedback system to provide real customer reviews and ratings of each provider. Furthermore, these customer reviews are taken into consideration in our overall rating system so that all factors contribute to each company’s ratings.

Our Mission

ITPB’s mission is to help you find the best protection – plain and simple. We know how time consuming it can be to research, review and compare services, and speak with sales representatives and even then not being sure if you’ve collected all the necessary information to make the best decision. Through the ITPBureau.com you’re able to collect everything you need in one place, review objective ratings of each company, and compare providers across 8 critical factors. Finally, our customer reviews will give you the final peace of mind to know you’re making the best decision possible for protecting you and your families personal information and well being.

Have recommendations or thoughts on our ranking system? We love feedback! Please email us at admin@itpbureau.com with any ideas you have about our scoring, reviews, website, or general questions.